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Residential property
Ngā whare rīhi me ngā whare haumi

Glossary of terms and Tools

Find out about our residential property glossary of terms and property decision tree tool … and more

Glossary of terms

A list of words and terms used in the residential property section.

GST compulsory zero rating rules

If you’re buying or selling land, this factsheet will help you avoid costly mistakes with your GST. Please note only general information is provided - your own situation may not be covered. Please talk to a tax advisor before you sign the paperwork.

Property tax decision tree

Find out if you have pay tax on property that you sell by using our decision tree.

Dates of purchase and sale for property transactions

Use these dates to work out if your residential property sale falls within the two year bright-line purchase and sale period. These dates are also used to work out the two year period for residential land withholding tax (RLWT) purposes.