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Make things easier to find in 5 minutes

Navigation test. A five-minute scavenger hunt to make things easier to find.
Navigation test. A five-minute scavenger hunt to make things easier to find.

Help us make things easier to find on our website by doing a 5-minute study. It’s quick and the scavenger hunt format is more fun than a traditional survey.

Pick the study that fits how you usually use our website:

What's this about?

We're redesigning our website to make things easier to find, and we'd like to get your input. We give you an item to find, and you go through a simplified set of headings and subheadings to find it. We look at the results across a wide range of people.

Is this the same study I saw a few weeks ago?

It's related, but it's not the same study. If you did the previous study, we'd still like you to do this one too.

How can I do this study?

You may find it easiest to do on a larger screen like a desktop computer or tablet. You can also do it on a smartphone. We recommend using a modern updated browser (eg, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.).

How long do I have to do this?

This study should take you about 5 minutes, and will run for 1 week until Friday 17 November. You can do it any time at your convenience.

What about privacy?

All the results are confidential and anonymous, and we only look at totals across all participants, not individual results.

I have a technical question

No worries, we’ll get you sorted. Please email Dave O’Brien at Davanti Consulting, who is running this study for us.

I have a comment or suggestion for the Inland Revenue website

We’d like to hear from you. You can add comments as part of this exercise, or one of the options on our Contact us page.