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Date publishedTitle and description
18 April 2017 Information from our seminars and workshops
  We've put together some useful information for you following your recent seminar or workshop. These tools will help you manage your tax obligations.
18 April 2017 Recent floods in the Bay of Plenty
  If you've been affected by the recent floods, we're able to take a realistic and flexible approach in these circumstances.
18 April 2017 Special Determination S52: Valuation of Shares Issued by Bank following a Non-Viability Trigger Event
  This determination relates to a funding transaction involving the issue of Notes by the Bank to wholesale investors pursuant to a Deed Poll. The Notes will contain a conversion mechanism, whereby the Bank will immediately and irrevocably convert Notes into ordinary shares in Bank upon the occurrence of a Non-Viability Trigger Event, in order to allow them to be recognised as Tier 2 capital for the purposes of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand framework relating to the capital adequacy of banks.
18 April 2017 Paying contractors or working as a contractor?
  Budget 2016 has introduced some business tax changes that will come in to effect on 1 April 2017.
13 April 2017 Assistance to farmers affected by the Bay of Plenty floods
  We're aware that the recent floods will cause financial issues for many farmers in the Bay of Plenty and understand it's likely to affect income for the 2017 and later years.
12 April 2017 POST gstReturn
12 April 2017 GET /gstReturnReceipt
12 April 2017 e-GST API documentation
12 April 2017 Application Programming Interface (API)
10 April 2017 Use-of-money interest rates change
  The use-of-money interest rates on underpayments and overpayments of taxes and duties have changed, in line with market interest rates.
10 April 2017 Minimum family tax credit threshold rises for 2017-18 tax year
  The minimum family tax credit income threshold increases from $23,764 to $23,816 for the 2017–18 tax year on 1 April 2017.
10 April 2017 If you can't get through to our online services
  Find out what to do if you can't use an online service on this website, eg, a calculator or an online return or you're having trouble logging into myIR.
10 April 2017 Tax seminars and workshops in Christchurch
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Christchurch.
10 April 2017 Download product rulings for 2017
  Product rulings are binding rulings on how the tax law applies to a particular "product", which is an arrangement that is likely to be entered into with a number of people on identical terms.
07 April 2017 Tax seminars and workshops in Whanganui
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Whanganui.
07 April 2017 Tax seminars and workshops in Palmerston North
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Palmerston North.
07 April 2017 Tax seminars and workshops in Pahiatua
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Pahiatua.
07 April 2017 Tax seminars and workshops in Dannevirke
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Dannevirke.
03 April 2017 Māori authority credit account (MACA) debit entries
  These entries reduce the amount of credit available for distribution to members.
03 April 2017 Māori authority credit account (MACA) credit entries
  These increase the credits available for distribution to members.
03 April 2017 The trust's income
  A trust will usually earn income from the money or property settled on the trust. The money or property is used as an investment to earn further revenue, or as capital to fund a trading operation. This revenue becomes the trust's income as it is earned. The initial settlement on the trust is not income for tax purposes, but the settlor may have to pay gift duty on it, depending on the value of the settlement.
03 April 2017 Getting losses right
  Use our checklist when you complete tax returns for clients with losses.
03 April 2017 The trust's tax return
  Outlines trustee and beneficiary obligations for filing a tax return. Also covers filing tax returns for a deceased person's estate.
03 April 2017 Types of business income tax returns
  Different types of income tax returns for different businesses.
03 April 2017 Business income tax basics
  Learn the basics of business income tax during the first year of business including the early payment discount available for the first year of paying provisional tax.
03 April 2017 The 92-day rule for employees/contractors
  This section explains conditions for exemption from New Zealand income tax under section CW 19 of the Income Tax Act 2007.
31 March 2017 ACC earners' levy on income from personal effort
  Income that you receive from personal effort is liable for ACC earners' levy. This levy is charged to cover the cost of rehabilitation and compensation following non-work related injuries.
31 March 2017 Children's tax exempt income
  From 1 April 2012 the tax credit for children was withdrawn and replaced with a limited income exemption for children.
31 March 2017 How you can avoid getting a bill next year
  Here are a few tips for reducing your chances of getting an end-of-year income tax, student loan or Working for Families Tax Credits bill.
31 March 2017 Glossary of GST terms
  This page is a glossary of terms relating to GST taxes.